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Art in Motion Dance 

Communicable Disease Plan

Reviewed: 03-Jan-22

Updated :23-Nov-21

Previous Version: 11-Aug-21

Communicable Disease Plan (COVID-19, etc.)

This policy includes the measures Art in Motion is taking to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus and/or any other communicable disease and to provide a workplace as safe as possible for our staff, dancers and dance families. It is expected that everyone entering the studio follow this plan to help sustain a healthy and safe environment. Policies will be implemented as required based on the needs at that specific time.

This plan is susceptible to changes with the introduction of any BC Centre of Disease Control and provincial guidelines. If there are changes, we will update AIM dance families and staff with accordingly.

Studio Access:

Anyone requiring access to the studio other than AIM staff, teacher or dancers must be approved by AIM. Entry will not be granted during class changeovers times, to ensure not mixing with dancers. Once authorized, anyone accessing must sign the sign-in sheet for tracking purposes. AIM will do their best to eliminate as much non-essential access as possible, by utilizing other technology such as facetime/conference call/etc.


All AIM dancers and families must advise AIM if they have been exposed to the COVID virus or another communicable disease and follow Public Health and Safety Protocols and orders and isolate accordingly and must advise AIM if we need to notify fellow dancers as soon as they know they have been exposed.

Limited Class Sizes:

Class sizes are capped to allow enough space between students in class to physical distance.

Cleaning Schedule:

AIM has diligent cleaning practices, as well as disinfects frequently touched surfaces on a more frequent schedule.

Entering and Exiting:

All dancers will enter and exit the studio through the front glass doors. This area is sanitized regularly. If there are two larger classes between switchover we may direct the class leaving to use the side door entrance to relieve congestion. This will be relayed to the parent group in advance.

We ask that parents limit access to studio entrances, asking that dancers be dropped off at front entrance, if able. We understand younger dancers may need parent assistance.

All dancers are required to put all belonging into a sanitized bin upon arrival and keep the belongings in their warm-up area. All bins will be sanitized in between use.

Limited personal items should be brought into the studio. Dancers should bring only required shoes and their own water bottle. No extra belongings.

Encourage Hand Hygiene:

Hand washing with soap and water is still the single most effective way to reduce the spread of illness.

Multiple hand sanitizer stations are located in the studio. Everyone entering the studio is expected to sanitize immediately upon entry and before entering any dance class.

Dances and staff will sanitize before and after any breaks.


Masks are required to be worn at all times in studio for ages 5 & up, except during short water or food breaks, where dancers are actively eating/drinking. We ask that dancers do their best to physically distance during any times mask is off, such as food/water breaks.

AIM staff and teacher will remind dancers from time to time, but it  expected dancers are familiar with this policy and respect it. WE understand there may be brief periods a mask may  need to be lowered to catch a breath, etc. during physical activity.

This practice will also apply to AIM staff and teachers.


Staff are expected to continue to self-screen prior to coming to work. If staff have any symptoms related to COVID-19, flu or another communicable disease, they are required to stay home. Staff are supported in remaining home.

All dancers are expected to screen at home prior to attending the studio for any of the COVID-19, flu or communicable disease symptoms. If dancers have a fever or feel unwell, they should NOT be attending class. If AIM is contacted in advance to arrange, your child is welcome to join their class via Zoom to not miss out on their instruction time.

Any dancer in direct contact (i.e. household) with someone with significant or multiple COVID symptoms (i.e. likely to be tested) or awaiting a COVID test or a COVID test result must not attend any in-studio classes until confirmation of a negative test or isolation period ends.

Self Isolation:

Anyone under the direction of the provincial health officer to self isolate must following these instructions.

Anyone who has been outside of Canada or has been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case, cannot attend the studio until their 14 days of self- isolation are completed.

AIM has developed these guidelines to ensure that we are supporting the efforts to slow transmission of any virus and to ensure the safety of our dancers, families and staff. However, please understand that given the nature of dance, there is an inherent risk as physical distancing is not always achievable.

We want to keep an open-door policy for feedback as we strongly believe safety is a shared responsibility - so please feel free to call or email if you have any concerns or suggestions.